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25/Nov/2014 Villagers Voice flyer

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08/Mar/2014 Looking for my old car!
This is a real long shot but I'm trying to find my old blue triumph herald 13/60, registration RHA 49G. All I know is that it was sold to a guy i...

24/Sep/2012 Research
Hi Everyone,

I'm an American who lived in Leuchars twenty five years ago (my dad flew for the RAF for three years). I'm now t...

06/Aug/2011 Drill Hall?
Was there a drill hall in Leuchars in the late 1940's?...

21/Feb/2011 Guardbridge Hotel
I have image(s) of the bridge opening and will try and look them out for you. Regards Ian...

01/Feb/2011 Guardbridge Hotel
Hi, Can anyone help me? My mother was born in Guardbridge in 1932. Along with her brothers and sisters, she attended the opening ceremony of the...

28/Nov/2010 Free tasting evening at fordelhill farmshop
We are having a free tasting evening on Thursday 2nd December to launch the start of christmas trees. Non-alcoholic mulled wine and mince pies. F...

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31/Jan/2015 Snap. Have fought for years to stop any development but it is an up hill struggle...
(article) Leuchars Community Council

27/Jan/2015 I remember Mrs Mole back in 1967. Happy Days....
(photo) Leuchars Primary School...

23/Nov/2014 I used to drink there just before Hendersons bought it about 69/70. If Erskine was in a good mood he woul...
(photo) Ye Olde Hotel, Leuchars...

05/Mar/2014 It appears that one of my ancestors came from Leuchers. Frances Alicia Haig Melville, daughter of John an...
(article) Old Time Leuchars Worthies

09/Dec/2013 Went to this school when it first opened in 1965 I think it was. Remember it being built and moving to it...
(photo) Leuchars Primary School...

03/Dec/2013 My great grandfather, James Erskine, owned this hotel from the early 1900s. If anyone has information re...
(photo) Ye Olde Hotel, Leuchars...

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13/Apr/2014 Fife Cares Bulletin

08/Feb/2013 Organ Donation

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17/Apr/2015 60/70's disco

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Walking and Cycling

Need a break? Give your eyes a rest, get some fresh air and gentle excercise...take a walk or cycle around the village.

Maybe even venture into Tentsmuir Forest or along its sandy beach.

tentsmuir forest leaflet map

St Athernase

Standing proudly above the picturesque village of Leuchars in the historic Kingdom of Fife is the truly remarkable St Athernase Church. read more >>

St Athernase Leuchars

Earlshall Castle

Earlshall Castle, near Leuchars, has its origins in the 16th C. It is currently lived in as a privately owned home, not open to the public. It gardens are quite spectacular. read more >>

Earlshall Castle

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St Athernase Church of Scotland
Tentsmuir Forest

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About Leuchars
Leuchars is located on the east coast of Scotland in Fife, near St Andrews.

St Andrews University is just 6 miles from Leuchars.

Leuchars has good bus and rail links. The railway car park has recently been upgraded and accommodates more parking spaces. A covered walkway is also in situ. There are busses every 15 minutes to Dundee and St Andrews.

A ten-minute drive leads to Tentsmuir Forest and Kinshaldy Beach beyond. Enjoy miles of clean, sandy beaches.

Dundee and St Andrews are within easy commuting distance.

Dundee, Scotlands 4th largest city offers Cinemas, a leisure centre, Ice rink, Repertory Theatre, and for the ladies shops galore.

Nearby St Andrews has a leisure centre, Byre Theatre and Cinema.

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