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Unauthorised Land use by Travellers (Oct 2007)

Unauthorised Land use by Travellers / Gypsies. As you may be aware, land is being occupied by members of a Travelling Community near to Five Roads Roundabout, Fordelhill, on the Wormit / St Michaels road. Without the necessary Planning permission from Fife Council, the travellers have set up site on a piece of land that is zoned for agricultural use only, NOT for housing.

Although Fife Council has instructed work to stop, the Travellers are blatantly flouting this instruction and are continuing to carry out work with a view to moving onto the land without delay.

A Planning Application has now been submitted, Reference 07/03266/EFULL, which can be accessed and commented on the Planning page at fifedirect.org.uk

Fife Council have started court proceedings and have issued Interdicts against six families who are planning to move onto the land and who are continuing to carry out work. However, this legal process may take some time.

It is imperative that all concerned members of the North East Fife Community contact their local MP?s, MSP?s, Community Councillors, North East Fife Council, Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinators and Fife Constabulary, highlighting your concerns and feelings using the following contacts listed below:-

MP Menzies Campbell, Fife North East, Constituency Telephone 01334 656361
email: fife_office at mingcampbell.org.uk

MSP Iain Smith, North East Fife, Constituency Telephone 01334 656361
email: is at iainsmith.org

Cllr Tim Brett, Tay Bridgehead, Telephone 01382 330905
email: Cllr.tim.brett at fife.gov.uk

Cllr Margaret Taylor, Tay Bridgehead, Telephone 01382 552718
email: Cllr.margaret.taylor at fife.gov.uk

Cllr Ron Caird, Tay Bridgehead, Telephone 01382 542414
email: Cllr.ron.caird at fife.gov.uk

Harry Tait, Head of Law & Administration, Fife Council, Telephone 08451 555555 ext 442236
email: harry.tait at fife.gov.uk

Fraser Munro, Law & Administration, Fife Council, Telephone 08451 555555 ext 442337
email: Fraser.munro at fife.gov.uk

Garry Dimeck, Interim Lead Officer, Fife Council, Telephone 08451 555555 ext 450508
email: Garry.dimeck at fife.gov.uk

Peter Wilson, Chief Constable, Fife Constabulary, Telephone 01592 418411
email: peter.wilson at fife.pnn.police.uk

Norma Graham, Deputy Chief Constable, Fife Constabulary, Telephone 01592 418411
email: norma.graham at fife.pnn.police.uk

Allan Burnett, Assistant Chief Constable, Fife Constabulary, Telephone 01592 418411
email: allan.burnett at fife.pnn.police.uk

Superintendant Bill Lawrie, Eastern Division, Fife Constabulary, Telephone 01334 418700
email: bill.lawrie at fife.pnn.police.uk

Visitor Comments: [6]

the travelers ar not doing eny haem its u buks complenen
- charlie whyte, 18/Jan/2009

Agree with j.f.i's comments. Not concerened is living in cloud cukoo land if he/she believes what he/she has written. Go and have another look and tell me if there are only 5 units for short stay and then reply to the comments popsted.
- Very Concerned dot , 18/Mar/2008

the point that "not concerned" does not seem to understand is that nobody is complaining about the "gypsys" as they put it. the reason people are up in arms is the fact that the 1996 local plan and the 2002 structure plan has been ignored.these are legal documents. i wonder how "not concerned" would feel if there was a development on his/her doorstep without planning permission. planning rules are there for the benifit of everyone,and if people ignore the law they should be taken to task.
- j dot f dot l dot , 17/Jan/2008

does review take over a week
- D W MOWBRAY, 09/Dec/2007

5 units for a short stay very unlikely they now have houses on the site looks permanent to me. we as locals would not get away with this type building.it makes a complete mockery of our council departments now all we need to do is build and any action taken we just refer to the gypsies
- dave mowbray, 02/Dec/2007

i dont think the gypsys are doing any harm with the soil screening ,these are caravans ,the site is just a glorified caravan site which is alowed for 5 units for short stay
- not concerned, 20/Nov/2007

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