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As a schoolgirl in the 1920s I delivered milk in pitchers, every morning and evening - there were no milk bottles or cartons then.

Annie Thamson, better known as "Annie Tamson" owned one cow. She lived where there is now a Chinese Takw-Away. With her, lived her brother "Wull Tamson" who was a Joiner, Wheelright and Undertaker, also their niece, Aggie Thomson who was a Dressmaker. Her Sewing machine sat beside the witchen window. "Annie and Wull" were both worthies of Leuchars.

For delivering the milk I got one and sixpence (7½ new pence) a week, and a cookie spread with jam every night, but at Christmas I got a special treat - either a new coat or a dress made by Aggie, which meant a lot in those days of very low wages and was very much appreciated.

Most of the customers were neighbours around the doors. One was Mrs Anderson, and while she emptied the milk from the pitcher jug to her jug I always got a sup of her husband's brose.

Sometimes when I was waiting for the cow to be milked I would be told to go up to the Joiner's shop. There, Wull would be lining a coffin and would need mw to hold the lining while he hammered in the nails.

Annie also had a big mangle which was a big box of stones, with a roller at either end and a handle to turn it from one end to the other. Housewives used to mangle sheets etc on it and paid Annie a penny a time.

Annie was always clean and tidy with a clean "Pinny" on. Sadly, Annie died on my Weddin Day 20th Semptember 1935 but left me her Brass Candlestick and a Burns Jug from her "Shelf". This candlestick is one of the three which is brought to ? on Guidles Thinking Day

Rick Anderson was blind and owned the Paper Shop which took the form of an old Kitchen dresser in the front lobby of the house. That house is still a Paper Shop, but now occupies the whole of the ground floor.

A verse, which included Wull was as follows if my memory is right.

A. K. Scott and Cadger Jock
And Tamson's Special Pouny (Pony)
Robbie Law as Black's a Craw
And Puir auld Jimmie Downie.

These were all Leuchars Worthies.

E. Ramsay.

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It appears that one of my ancestors came from Leuchers. Frances Alicia Haig Melville, daughter of John and Margaret (Aird) Melville. She would have been born about 1856. Her father, John, was gardener to Sir John Cheap. If anyone knows anything that may help with my search please email me at robhawk@telus.net
- Robert Hawkins, 05/Mar/2014

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